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A visionary web3 marketing agency shaping the future of digital innovation.

By forging powerful partnerships with technology companies, we are creating an ecosystem of cutting-edge web3 services.

With a focus on performance, creativity, and growth, our team is helping businesses thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Iggyboy, Iggylady & Symbiosis NFTs

Dive into 1ATH.Studio's vibrant, captivating NFT collection packed with utilities!

Unlock access to games, raffles, staking, coin mining, and more within our thriving ecosystem. A pure fusion of art and functionality!

Collect IggyBoy & IggyLady, form a pair and get a Symbiosis airdrop.

Staking For Success

Stake NFTs and earn Freebi tokens to unleash the full potential of our dynamic ecosystem.

Embrace a world of utilities and sub-projects designed for you!

Immerse yourself in the 1ATH.Studio experience and discover the true potential of NFTs.

FREEBI - Your Key To The Ecosystem

Discover Freebi ($FRBI), a reliable, stable, and accessible currency tailored for Web3 product ecosystems.

Empower communities with mining, staking, and diverse use cases.

Join us and help shape the decentralized future together!

Entertainment Hub

Dive into our cutting-edge Entertainment Hub, packed with opportunities to earn, win, and maximize your Freebi tokens!

Explore raffles, NFT shop, IggyBoy & IggyLady games, and more. Acquire NFT IPR and make your custom NFT!

Experience the Future of Fun with Freebi.

1ATH.Studio Values


We are here to stay. With our long-term vision and dedication we keep moving forward no matter what.


At our core, we are a team of marketing specialists and developers, and we strive to empower our members to bring their visions to life in new and innovative ways.


We strive to incorporate both cutting-edge and proven technologies into all aspects of our work, leveraging blockchain, AI and utilizing a unique out-of-the-box approach to achieve innovation.


We are on our way to become #1 marketing agency in the web3 industry leveraging its many advantages like decentralization, security, interoperability, and transparency.


We believe in the power of collaboration and are committed to building a thriving and inclusive DAO of creators, developers, and fans. Our focus is always on delivering the best possible experience for our community members.


With the web3 technologies at the core of our business, we take the responsibility of ensuring their authenticity and security very seriously.


We believe in openness and transparency and are committed to building a platform that operates with the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

Enhance your portfolio with 1ATH.Studio NFTs

Discover a world of exclusive NFTs, each handcrafted by talented 3D designers at 1ATH.Studio. Each collection is elevated further with additional 376 animated NFTs, set to be distributed as built-in jackpots and in-game rewards by our partnered gaming products.

As an NFT holder, you'll enjoy a wealth of advantages and benefits in 1ATH.Studio's ecosystem and through upcoming mass adoption partnerships.

An impressive collection of IggyLady NFTs complements the already popular IggyBoy NFTs. As a holder of both NFTs, you'll receive a Symbiosis NFT Airdrop. As a holder of NFTs from 3 collections, you'll have access to all the benefits and advantages offered within the 1ATH.Studio ecosystem, opening up a world of exciting opportunities.

Stake, Earn, and Enjoy: Unlock a World of Opportunities

At 1ATH.Studio, we prioritize creating a thriving, comprehensive ecosystem through strategic partnerships with innovative technology teams.

Our NFTs, including both in-house creations and those from trusted partners, serve as the gateway to a wealth of opportunities and benefits for our dedicated community.

By staking, members can earn our community token, Freebi, which can then be utilized across an extensive array of utilities and sub-projects we proudly offer. Immerse yourself in the 1ATH.Studio experience and discover the true potential of NFTs.

$FRBI - A Community Coin

Freebi ($FRBI) is designed to provide a reliable and accessible currency for Web3 product ecosystems. The primary objective is to empower communities by offering a stable, secure, and easy-to-use digital asset.

Freebi team is focused on delivering customizable technical solutions for the $FRBI token, including mining, staking, development, and technical support.

While 1ATH.Studio is responsible for the distribution, marketing, and promotion of $FRBI, as well as developing practical use cases for the token.

Power of Fun: Entertainment Hub

Our goal is to bring excitement and energy to the digital world. In collaboration with top technology partners, we've created a hub that offers endless opportunities for our community to earn, win, and maximize the value of their community tokens, Freebi.

From thrilling raffles where you can win NFTs, to a shop where you can mint your NFTs, acquire IPR, and even customize NFTs to your liking. Our gaming zone features the IggyBoy and IggyLady slot games delivered by our ReelBulls partners, as well as a dozen other NFT-powered games that are guaranteed to keep you entertained.

All of these exciting benefits are accessible through the use of Freebi coins.
Join us on the journey to bring fun and value to the digital world.

Coming soon

IPR Acquisition

1ATH.Studio presents a rare opportunity for NFT holders to own the Intellectual Property Rights of their NFTs. This opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to bring your NFTs to life in commercial applications.

Whether you envision your NFT on clothing items for your own brand, or as a logo for your cafe, the possibilities are endless.

You'll not only receive an official certificate of IPR ownership, but also a stunning 3D model of your NFT, ready to be utilized in a range of digital applications.

Coming soon

NFT Customization

At 1ATH.Studio, NFT holders can unleash their creativity by ordering customizations for their NFTs. Our talented team will work with you to bring your vision to life, whether that means adding unique traits, custom titles, or even changing the background color.

From increasing the rarity of your NFT to creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, the options for customization are endless.

So why settle for a stock NFT when you can have a unique and personalized one?









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Community Management






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Q2 2021

1ATH.Studio™, a team of talented designers and marketing specialists with extensive contacts among major internet technology businesses, was inspired by the potential of web3 technologies and decided to create a concept that encompassed everything: marketing, NFT, cryptocurrency, blockchain, and entertainment.

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Q3 2021

1ATH.Studio has finalized contract agreements with partnering technology providers and assembled a team of experts to work on the innovative web3 project. The works on the first IggyBoy NFT collection and an IggyBoy promo video have started.

3 / 23

Q4 2021

The team launched on social media through Discord, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit. To build anticipation for the release, the audience was given a number of teasers, sneak peeks, and giveaways. The promotional video featuring the first IggyBoy™ characters was released via Youtube, making hype among NFT and blockchain enthusiasts.

4 / 23

Q1-Q3 2022

IggyBoy NFT MINT1: On February 20, 2022 1ATH.Studio completes the first IggyBoy NFTs minting boosting its social presence through PR releases and increasing the number of fans on Discord, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Medium.

5 / 23

IggyBoy WL MINT2 has been launched with a limit of around 3000 IggyBoys to mint.

6 / 23

Q1-Q3 2022

Iggy Dance & DJ Challenge, Season 1: 1ATH.Studio team initiates Iggy Dance & DJ Challenge among famous dancing studios and DJs with a $15k prize pool and at least a $30k marketing budget for the winner and the product. The Challenge will run long-term for several seasons, with a target of discovering the future top performers and entertainers for the upcoming entertainment projects.

7 / 23

Q1-Q3 2022

Iggy Dance & DJ Challenge Grand Prix finals take place. Among finalists there are top dancing crews from Caucasus, US, Africa, Mexico, and France, a dancing team from Japan that collaborated with Madonna for one of her tours, and top DJs with millions of plays on Spotify making beats for top stars.

8 / 23

Q3-Q4 2022

1ATH.Staking: To incentivize the IggyBoy NFT holders 1ATH.Studio releases Iggy Staking, so every holder can stake their NFTs and benefit from it. Our focus is on building a comprehensive ecosystem where NFTs, both in-house and from trusted partners, act as a key to unlock a world of opportunities and benefits for our community. Members can earn the community token, Freebi, through the act of staking, which can then be leveraged across a wide range of utilities and sub-projects we offer.

9 / 23

Introducing Freebi Coin: In collaboration with the Freebi team, 1ATH.Studio proudly presents the $FRBI token, set to become a unifying currency for the 1ATH.Studio ecosystem. The $FRBI coin is designed to foster community building and governance, offering users exclusive access to a range of benefits and opportunities. Stake Iggy NFTs to unlock the ability to mine $FRBI, which opens the door to exciting rewards, games, raffles, shops, challenges, giveaways, and much more. Join us in building the future of our DAO community with the power of Freebi Coin.

10 / 23

IggyBoy slot game development: Our partners at ReelBulls complete the development of the first game title IggyBoy built on the proprietary RGS (remote gaming server).

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Q1-Q3 2023

Experience the Entertainment Hub: 1ATH.Studio presents a one-stop destination for all your earning, winning, and spending needs. Immerse yourself in a world of opportunities with the Entertainment Hub, featuring: The 1ATH.Studio Shop, where you can mint NFTs, acquire IPR, and customize your NFTs to your liking. A gaming zone offering exciting games and raffles. A staking portal to mine $FRBI coins and much more. Discover a new world of entertainment and rewards with the 1ATH.Studio Entertainment Hub.

12 / 23

IggyBoy Mint3: The IggyBoy NFT Mint3 is now live and accessible through the Entertainment Hub. Whether you're a current member or just considering joining the community, now is your chance to order a mint and receive a surprise selection of NFTs directly to your wallet. Don't miss this exciting opportunity to expand your NFT collection with IggyBoy Mint3.

13 / 23

The IggyLady Promotional Video: In support of the launch of the IggyLady NFT collection and to generate interest for the upcoming IggyLady release, 1ATH.Studio has released an official promotional video for IggyLady. The video features the winners of Dance Challenge Season 1 as the main performers, showcasing their exceptional dance skills. We invite you to view the IggyLady promotional video and become familiar with the elegance and beauty of the IggyLady NFT collection.

14 / 23

IggyLady NFT collection is released and available for minting through the Entertainment Hub.

15 / 23

Launch of the IggyBoy Game and promotion: ReelBulls unveils its first game title, IggyBoy, and begins its promotion through the 1GameHub game aggregation platform. The game can be accessed and played on the Entertainment Hub using $FRBI coins as in-game currency.

16 / 23

IggyLady Game development, release, and promotion: Our partners at ReelBulls complete the development of the second game title IggyLady. This exciting new game can be played on the Entertainment Hub using $FRBI coins - an in-game community currency. Reelbulls will keep developing further games to attract a wider audience and get more hype in classic gaming and web3 markets.

17 / 23

The Raffles Portal: As a key component of the Entertainment Hub, 1ATH.Studio introduces the Raffles Portal where community members and holders of Iggy NFTs and $FRBI coins can participate in raffles and have the chance to win valuable digital assets, including blue chip NFTs and cryptocurrency.

18 / 23

Acquiring Intellectual Property Rights: 1ATH.Studio enables the acquisition of Intellectual Property Rights and 3D models for the IggyBoy and IggyLady NFTs through the 1ATH Shop, a component of the Entertainment Hub. Ownership of IPR opens up opportunities for commercial utilization of NFTs.

19 / 23

NFT Customization: 1ATH.Shop now offers the option to personalize NFTs. Community members have the flexibility to add new features, remove existing ones, and even add custom titles to the background, making their NFTs truly unique and one-of-a-kind.

20 / 23

Q4 2023

Peer-to-Peer $FRBI Coin Swap: 1ATH.Studio in a partneship with the Freebi team introduces a tool that simplifies the exchange of $FRBI coins and enables seamless trading between $FRBI and other cryptocurrencies.

21 / 23

Continued Expansion of the decentralized gaming zone: In partnership with 1ATH.Studio, the ReelBulls team remains dedicated to the development and release of new web3 games. Eventually, the gaming portal will evolve into a standalone decentralized gaming zone built in partnerships and agreements with a variety of game providers and marketing/distribution partners.

22 / 23

Symbiosis NFT airdrop takes place for those who hold both IggyBoy and IggyLady NFTs.

23 / 23

Partnerships and Acquisitions: 1ATH.Studio strives to strengthen its position in the NFT industry by establishing partnerships with reputable third-party crypto utilities and technology providers. By working with industry leaders, 1ATH.Studio aims to provide its community with a comprehensive and cutting-edge NFT ecosystem. The project also seeks opportunities to acquire established web3 products that align with its mission and vision, to further enhance its offerings and provide more value to its community.

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